Judaism is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that encompasses the cultural, legal, and collective tradition of the Jewish people. The religious tradition traces its roots to the ancient Hebrews. It is the most widely practiced Abrahamic religion and is the world’s oldest continuous religion. The Jewish people, also known as the Israelites, are also considered an ethnic group. The religion was developed by the Jews in the Middle Ages.


The Jewish people are a monotheistic people, but their religious beliefs and practices are not the same everywhere. Historically, the 12 tribes of Israel lived under different governmental systems, with their own religious laws. While the religion is based on the concept of God as the creator of the universe, it has a rich diversity of customs and philosophy. Its traditions and rituals are influenced by the cultures of various regions, including the ancient Near East, Iran, and Egypt.

The Jewish calendar has lunar and solar months. The religious calendar is set according to the Hebrew Scriptures, and holy days are centered on these. The synagogue is the place of worship in Judaism. Men and women pray in separate sections, while women can participate in a general prayer service. The Jewish tradition does not separate men and women, though it requires a minyan of 10 males to conduct public worship.