Ancient Judaic History

Judaic is an Abrahamic, polytheistic, and historic religious, literary, and cultural tradition containing the shared cultural, legal, and religious tradition of the Jewish peoples, formerly known as Israelites. The term is often applied to a number of religious Jewish communities that trace their roots back to Abraham, such as: Masadir,enei, Safed,enei, Baisakhi,enei, and Magen David. There is also a movement within the Judaic community to “re-braid” the Holy Temple in Jerusalem in order to make it a center for unity and belief restoration. The Temple Mount is usually referred to as the “royal temple” due to its strategic location and placement inside the compound walls of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


Judaic religion believes that the commandments of the Torah were given by God to the Jewish people when they remained seated and waited for the coming of the Messiah, rather than being sacrificed. They believe that these commandments are still in effect today, and should be remembered by Jews everywhere as a guide to their behavior. As such, judaism believes that one’s behavior is directly influenced by the commandments that they have religiously agreed upon. In the Judaic tradition, a follower of judaism must strictly keep all commandments, no exceptions, even if doing so would be considered to be evil by their god or holy elders.

One of the biggest problems that the Judaic people faced in their ancient history is that they were brutally killed during the Assyrian onslaught. During this period of time, the jewish people were not allowed any sort of religious freedom, as they were considered to be idolaters by the ancient majority of the people in the region. In essence, their religious rights were severely limited, which in turn caused many rabbis to abandon the practice of judaism altogether. However, in modern times, some groups of orthodox Jews have made a revival of the ancient traditions of judaism, in an effort to teach it to younger followers of Judaic faith. In general, there are debates among jews about the antiquity of judaism, and how it should be interpreted in modern times.