Hinduism – An Ancient Religious Faith

Hinduism is the oldest known religion in the world. It was founded by Lord Krishna who came from southern India to the Himalayan Mountains to spread the religion. The religion is also referred to as the “CD religions” since its inception. Hinduism considers that all living things are sacred and holds that there is a single God who created the universe and is the only provider of all living things.


Hinduism believes that there is a ladder of seven different levels, called the “gradeways” through which we reach maturity. Each level has its own hierarchy and function, further ranking beings than lower ones. This ladder holds all beings equal, with no difference between men and women, Omer or Jew and Gentile, slave or master, on a par with the Creator. There is no house or temple for anyone to be held in, but only temples where you will perform your rituals.

Hindus believe that their religion is the path to enlightenment and that all other religions are false and can lead only to suffering. Hinduism is known for being very conservative with its views on sexuality. Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Hinduism and considered to be an abomination. The word “veda” is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning “teachings”. Some of the most important teachings of Hinduism include the following: karma – says that whatever you do in this life will have repercussions in the next and that there is no such thing as getting what you don’t put out.