Judaic Learning

Judaic is the ancient language spoken by the Jewish people. Judaic is the root of most of the Hebrew language and it is the native tongue for the people of Israel. It has been said that in the early days of the Jews, before the exile in 711 AD, when they were being persecuted greatly by the Romans, the people used Judaic as their main language. Therefore, even before they left their homeland, they already conversed in this ancient language, so much so, that some of them still speak Judaic, the only language that they know.


Today, Judaic is the official language of Israel, spoken by the majority of the Jews in Israel, although the minority of Reform and Reconstructionist Jews prefer to speak Hebrew. As you might guess, Judaic is a very important language, as it contains the basic elements of all Jewish languages and is spoken even by converts to Judaism, as it is the language of their forefathers. Therefore, Judaic is the language of the Jewish People, the language of all of its sacred texts, as well as the language of marriage contracts, divorce papers, birth certificates, and death certificates. In fact, the most fundamental aspect of Judaic is that it is essentially a divine language, which is why the rabbis regarded the Oral Law, the laws regarding Jewish behavior, as the supreme law of the universe.

One of the most significant sections of Judaic involves the commandments of Moses, who is considered to be the founder of Judaic-Christianity. The most famous commandment that bears the mark of Judaic literacy is the one that says, “You shall not multiply faithlessness. For the promised land is God’s, and His ordinances are always banners above the horizon. Every law of the commandments is blessings. Every commandment is a blessing.”