Judaic Art

Judaism, the Jewish religious state, is one of the oldest Jewish religions. It is also called, “The Jewish State” due to its purpose of being the homeland of all Jewish people who were removed from Egypt in the fifth century B.C., following the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. It is believed by many scholars that the origin of Judaic society began as a response to teachings of Jesus. Judaic priests and students learned much about him and his teachings from his followers, so they formed the basis of many of their beliefs today. Judaic religious art includes many images of angels and priests wearing the traditional garments of Jerusalem during their time in Jerusalem.


Judaic religious law is referred to as the “Torah” and it consists of laws, commandments, statutes, traditions, and aphorisms. The basic precepts of Judaic religious law are written in the Torah. The first commandment of “Be holy unto your God, according to the Torah.” is known as the “Law of Moses”, which states that you must be free from evil and do no injustice. Following the second commandment “Zeal for your God,” followers of judaism believe that they have to follow the guidelines set forth in the Bible, especially the laws regarding their behavior and rights as a Jew.

The third commandment of judaism, “Shoatel Melekh”, is said to protect the Jews from their enemies. Its main aim is to emphasize that the messiah cannot be harmed by any of his people. According to the traditions of Judaic theology, Shoatel Melekh also states that the messiah himself will protect the Jews from the Babylonian exile, during which time there would be wars against the Jews. Judaic art in the form of statues of men holding swords, banners depicting the Judaic lifestyle, and other items are examples of targets, or books of Jewish law, that are available in most Judaic bookstores.