What is Christianity?

Christianity is the teachings and faith of Jesus of Nazareth, a Judaism offshoot which began as a sect dating back as early as 66 CE. It is the most popular world religion, having nearly 2.5 Billion followers worldwide. It includes Christianity as a branch, but also has other branches such as Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. It also has some African, Asian, and American sub-branches. Most scholars agree that there is no single Christ and the majority of Christians believe in the salvation of all mankind, even though there are major differences between the doctrine of Christianity and the beliefs of other religions. Some of the main differences between Christianity and other religions are:

One of the biggest questions plaguing Christianity is the existence of a divine being known as “God”. Although most Christians believe in a personal God, there are some who do not. While most believe that God created the universe and lives in it, there are some who also believe in a supreme being or “God” who is responsible for the lives of all humans, including those who are considered to be Christians. There are also several other gods or goddesses that Christians believe in such as Demeter, Kore/Osirus, Shiva, El Elyon, Neel, and several others. Although there are some who do not believe in any sort of deity, there are still millions of Christians who use the concept of deities to explain certain events in the bible such as the resurrection of Jesus and the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

Christianity is a very old religion that started as a small group of people in the Middle Ages. The religion spread through Europe and Africa over the centuries, reaching as far east as China. One of the biggest challenges for Christianity was that it was often viewed as a new religion that was designed only to spread throughout the region where it was planted. With time, many of the old myths and stories about Christians were replaced with more modern ones that had better explanations. Today, Christianity remains a popular religion around the world, serving as a major religion that provides answers for questions for those people who are looking for answers in their own lives.