What Is Judaic Faith?

Judaism is an Abrahamic religious faith comprising the religious, literary, cultural and legal tradition and culture of the Jewish people from the past to the present. It was founded by rabbi Jesus ben Yohai, who lived about 600 B.C. and was a leader of the first synagogue in the city of Jerusalem. He exerted great influence on the people of his times and is regarded as one of their great religious leaders. His teachings are essential to Jewish identity and are still practiced today. This article covers basic facts on Judaic traditions and practices.


The ten best ideas on Judaic traditions and practices include keeping the commandments of God, being different from the world, being a source of pride and enlightenment, being aware of one’s actions, having a positive outlook, learning by experience, not depending on others, having emotional freedom, and having an open mind. All these are crucial to identify as a Jew and follow in practicing Judaic beliefs and customs. The commandment of God regarding the commandments on worship is absolute, and no change can be made to it. Being different from the world means that one can’t be compared to the Gentiles or the people of Israel because Judaic culture and tradition separate them from the nations of ancient days. Being bound by the law of God binds the Jews and is also essential for their spiritual life.

A major part of Judaic belief and practice is keeping the commandments of God because it strengthens one’s faith in God and guides them towards all eternity. Being different from the other nations of ancient times is seen as a mark of excellence. In the bible, the Jews are portrayed as a special generation which has inherited the land from the father, while all other nations were created by their ancestors. The Jews believe that the bible is the word of God which was given to the Jews by their fathers, and that there is no other god or religion than the one taught in the holy bible. All other religions are against the teachings of the bible, therefore the Jews don’t have any choice but to follow it and take refuge in it.